Crazy toothpaste hair DYE! Will it work? || Two Girls Cut Their Clothes In Public

0:00 Two girls cut their clothes into an outfit for a special occasion
4:32 Crazy toothpaste hair DYE
7:58 Suit with muscles from women's tights
11:31 Cool Way to Color Clothes
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  1. Sudeep Kantha

    Sudeep Kantha

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    Your doogy was sooo cutee what is name of your doggy 🤔?

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    md babu

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    Own so good I like this more video please

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    Dipika Das

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    They are so crazy

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    Nerdy Cutie

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    in first time i lision your voise 🙄

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    Rj Siblings

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    Rannel Anacion JR

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    Just here them voices

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    *_I wish you all love, happiness, and abundance. You've already come this far in life to stop. Keep pushing and your dreams will come true_* ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Ksirikkanthan Sirik

    Ksirikkanthan Sirik

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    Please don't put vedioes

  9. Ya Ladies

    Ya Ladies

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    All that and it doesn’t revenue look that nice.

  10. Gladys Sawyerr

    Gladys Sawyerr

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    At 8:4 she said "I have a idea It's incorrect ' i have an idea is the correct sentence

  11. Leo katt

    Leo katt

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    after this video: TIME TO RETURN CHILDISH!!!

  12. Helpful Guides

    Helpful Guides

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    Omg i heard their real voice

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    Alliah and catties

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    Is this voice reveal

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    Khushi Pandav

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    first time I am listening to their real voice

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    tofa sultana

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    ohh my god rial voice

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    Nena's World

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    This is weird/ interesting 🤔 but I liked the video idk

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    Oh my God l heard there real voice

  22. dababy on my secret account

    dababy on my secret account

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    look at the shirt closely at 2:58

  23. lol life and others

    lol life and others

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    No one is going to talk about how this is the first time they talked

  24. Joanna Oskarek

    Joanna Oskarek

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  25. Jennifer Perry

    Jennifer Perry

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    And what place are they from

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    Jennifer Perry

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    Where do you film these videos

  27. Black cat Official

    Black cat Official

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    Fake acting

  28. Evangeline Zoe Ramirez Lopez

    Evangeline Zoe Ramirez Lopez

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    When they dyed her hair with toothpaste telo me You saw the cut😧

  29. Raquel Costa

    Raquel Costa

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    ui que bobo

  30. Dobre brother lover!

    Dobre brother lover!

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    I love it when they talk!

  31. Rehana Sookram

    Rehana Sookram

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    They actually talked???

  32. Bhumi Karosiya

    Bhumi Karosiya

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    Make more videos with your real voices

  33. Amber Hunter

    Amber Hunter

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    Isn’t this like the first time they did a voice reveal and a face reveal

  34. maninder khasria

    maninder khasria

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    why you hide

  35. Manas Kumar

    Manas Kumar

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    The toothpaste hair one is not true at all DO NOT TRY AT HOME It is fake!!

  36. Xylonn Dcosta

    Xylonn Dcosta

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    Finally voice revel 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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    Adel Rifa

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    you tube vid Sherin

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    Oh myGod

  39. Megan McAlpine

    Megan McAlpine

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    Don’t lie by saying toothpaste can dye your hair. PLEASE DON’T LIE !!!

  40. Parvathi Sakthivel

    Parvathi Sakthivel

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    Nice video ,make more videos like this

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    Mohd Moiz

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    First time I heard real voice 💜

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    Sibel ve Denizin dünyası

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    Türk olanlar yanıt olayım

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    the.universal. lion

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    Aditigaur Gaur

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    first video with their voices!!!!!!!!

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    your from America or England

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      vj videos

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    Sujanna Jenifer

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    Can you try a video without music

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      Hi please help me

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    The red dress girl's voice is so sweet

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    Hardik Pandya ✓

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    “Self Belief and Confidence will always earn you success.”

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    Lighting Boy

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    Dude really said yea that looks cuter than before

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    Wow, that video was cringy in so many ways. Pls don't do this again!

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    Dharmu Gurjar

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    Plz plz

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    Dharmu Gurjar

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    Plz aap ek hack upload kijiye na jisse double chin hide ho jaye

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    72,6 Milion ???🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😪

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    Hyena Culture

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    I'm sorry, but this channel is getting weirder and weirder

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    Hyena Culture

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    Fun and Joke nothing more

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    14:20 she said dont film so you zoom in. thats pretty pervy

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    my life is jimin 👑👑💜💜😍😙🔥

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    Autumn McClain

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    Sound Therapy - Therapeutic Sleep & Relaxation

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    I lovingly pray and hope for anyone reading this, that you can find deep joy, healing, and fulfillment in your life. ❤️🙏

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      Thanks bro

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    Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados ,

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