POP IT! 23 Cool Parenting Life Hacks For New Moms And Dads

Alright, fellow parents and friends. Today, we’re going to discover some easy life hacks you can use to solve everyday problems. - Do you like skittles and chocolate? Why not use a sensory toy to make a DIY treat. Fill it with smarties, and then pour some melted chocolate on top. Let it cool down, and you have delicious little chocolate bars. - If your little one struggles to drink from a bottle, try piercing a hole in the lid of the bottle with a bottle opener. Then run a straw through the hole, and voila. - To protect your phone, we show you how to make a beautiful and unique phone case. You’ll only need some colorful hot glue. Simply cover the four edges of the phone with hot glue and then connect them with an X mark in the middle of the back. - If your kids’ shoes get too slippery in the snow, try placing some rubber bands around them. - Do you want to make a safe game for your little ones that they can eat? Make some sand using their own cornflakes. Watch the video to see how.
1:00 - How to hide snacks from your little one
1:38 - Cute DIY phone case (colorful)
4:07 - DIY sitting stools using paint containers.
6:00 - Teach your kids the time
8:25 - A fun DIY game

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